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Understanding Electricity Demand Patterns Coupled With On-Site Solar Generation

Residential on-site solar power generation has had tremendous growth in recent years all around the world. Some of these solar power installations are also equipped with instrumentation technologies to monitor power generation and consumption as well as other environmental/operational parameters. But even when this is not the case, utilities and customers alike would benefit from accessing this type of information to enhance their decision-making processes. In this project we study the potential of existing datasets to provide this information in different contexts: from solar home systems for low-income rural residents in Africa, to utility net-metering datasets from United States households.

Mario Bergés
Mario Bergés
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

My research interests vary, but generally gravitate towards the development of technologies to make our built enviornment and the communities in them more autonomous and efficient. Lately I am interested in developing responsible autonomous solutions for infrastructure systems.